Richard Sherman Rips Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones For Staying Silent During Discussions About Black Lives Matter

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Outspoken 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman is taking Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to task for staying silent amid the Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality taking place around the country.

Last week, several Dallas Cowboys players appeared in a video to address police brutality and what they were doing in their community to help get rid of social injustice.

This video statement, the first in a series that will be released by the Dallas Cowboys, reflects the organization’s statement regarding the recent tragedies in our country while also disclosing interactions between the team, it’s players and community leaders: including law enforcement (7 local police chiefs), judicial figures (8 judges), social service leaders and Dallas city attorneys.

Jones doesn’t make an appearance in the video and has not spoken in favor of the BLM movement which led to Sherman to call him out during an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.

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“It’s not pulling [NFL owners] like it is the rest of the country,” the 49ers cornerback said. “Because if it was, then they’d speak.”

“Jerry Jones, especially, has no problem speaking up any other time about anything else. But when it’s such a serious issue, and he could really make a huge impact on it with a few words, his silence speaks volumes.”

Eventually, Jones is going to face the media and will be forced to answer some serious questions about players kneeling during the anthem and the BLM movement but for now, it seems like he’s content on staying behind the scenes.

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