Richard Sherman Goes Undercover As A Lyft Driver In Seattle, Woman Asks Him If He’s A Bandwagon Seahawks Fan

by 2 years ago

Seattle is one of those rare NFL teams that happens to have several extremely recognizable superstars on the roster. Neither Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, or Richard Sherman can walk down a city sidewalk in Seattle without getting recognized and mobbed by fans. That’s what makes this undercover video so amazing, everyone in this video knows how Richard Sherman is AND this took place in Seattle, a city that has Sherman’s face plastered all over billboards and sings from end to end. And even though this video was pretty short I love that Sherman took some time to take shots at the NFL and Roger Goodell for making b.s. rules up whenever they want.

Lyft has been making a HUGE push in 2016 in an effort to catch up to Uber’s popularity, and this isn’t the first time they had an NFL player go undercover to trick passengers. Back in February Lyft got Jerry Rice to go undercover as a Lyft driver and pick up passengers, and that video was pretty damn awesome too.

Is it wrong that after watching this video, which was great btw, I’d just like to know how much Richard Sherman got paid for this under-four-minute YouTube clip? Richard Sherman’s net worth is an estimated $56,000,000 (most of which came from the Seattle Seahawks). That’s a whole lot of zeroes. So I can’t help but wonder how many zeroes Lyft had to throw Richard’s way to get him to agree to do this…Thoughts?


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