Richard Sherman Says NFL Players Need To Save Their Money Warning There Could Be A Work Stoppage Amid CBA Discussions

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Whether you like him or not, Richard Sherman is a smart guy. He’s a part of the NFLPA executive committee as well, meaning he’s in the know of what’s going on between the NFLPA and the NFL in regards to a new collection bargaining agreement and by the sound of it, not too much is getting worked out.

The current CBA was signed back in 2011 and is set to expire in 2021.

Sherman took to Twitter to give a couple of updates about where the NFLPA and NFL stand, but the biggest takeaway was him telling NFL players to save their money and that a work stoppage could be in play in the future.

While Sherman’s comments shouldn’t be taken lightly, there are conflicting reports claiming that there has been meaningful progress made towards a new CBA.

One of the biggest topics of discussion in regards to the new agreement has been an additional game, or even two, added to the regular season as well as cutting the preseason to fewer games.

 According to the Washington Post’s Mark Maske, the NFL and NFL Players Association have made “meaningful progress” toward a new labor agreement, “raising hopes” that a new deal could be agreed to by early next year. It is “increasingly likely,” according to the Post, that that deal would include a 17-game regular season schedule.

The 10-year CBA agreement between the league and the union runs through the 2020 season and the two parties have been negotiating to try and avoid a work stoppage.

While owners initially explored pushing an 18-game season, the Post notes that owners are turning their focus to a 17-game season, a predicament that the owners believe the players would be more likely to agree too.

You’d be tough to find a single person complain about these rumored changes to the NFL.

From a player’s and owner’s standpoint, a longer regular season means more income and higher salaries. From a fan’s perspective, you’d have fewer meaningless preseason games and an extra regular-season game. It sure sounds like a win-win for all parties involved.

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