Rick Barnes Wants To See A Change With The SEC Tournament, And It Would Make Total Sense

Rick Barnes Wants To See A Change With The SEC Tournament

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  • Rick Barnes has a suggestion for future SEC Tournaments.
  • The change Barnes wants to see makes complete and total sense.
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Rick Barnes just led Tennessee to its first-ever SEC Tournament title with a win over Texas A&M, but he wants to see the tournament change in the future.

The SEC Tournament, like many other conference tournaments, wraps up on Sunday afternoon. Barnes doesn’t think the tournament ending on Sunday, just hours ahead of the NCAA Tournament selection show, makes any sense at all.

This year’s SEC Tournament was played in Tampa Bay, Florida, which isn’t exactly close to either Knoxville or College Station. This left the Vols having to travel back home while the bracket was being revealed.

Barnes wants the SEC Tournament to end on a Saturday as opposed to a Sunday.

“I wish our tournament would end on Saturday,” Barnes explained, according to On3. “I mean you think about it, we end on Sunday late, get back here. We were flying through the selection show, then we turn around and we get put in an early afternoon game. But that’s the way it is.”

“And that’s why I wish as a league, we’d look at moving our tournament to Saturday, which will be hard to do because it’s been brought up so many times. But I think everybody in our league – I know the coaches certainly would like it to be that way.”

It makes much more sense for conference tournaments to wrap up on Sunday. It would allow teams to get an extra day of rest, enjoy Selection Sunday together, and not have to scramble to get to their first-round site for the NCAA Tournament.