Rick Ross Offers Don Lemon A Job At WingStop After Release From CNN

Rick Ross

Getty Image / Paras Griffin

There were some surprising decisions made by two of America’s biggest news stations on Monday.

First, Fox News let go of Tucker Carlson. Then, shortly after, CNN released Don Lemon.

It’s not entirely clear why they were fired. However, popular hip-hop artist Rick Ross sent a message to Lemon. However, it appears the rapper wants to hire him to work at WingStop.

Philip Lewis shares the clip of Ross offering Don Lemon a job. It’s not really clear what Rick Ross wants him to do though.

Especially since he makes a comment about getting Lemon “in front of the right grill.” But he also teases a Don Lemon-inspired wing flavor.

Rick Ross seems serious about his job offer. Even so, it’s incredibly difficult to see Don Lemon actually follow through.

The guy has a solid following and could probably start his own podcast and find immediate success as his own brand.

Regardless, people couldn’t help but react to Rick Ross’ offer. Some think it’s disrespectful to Don Lemon, while most find it hilarious.

Ross might have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

His last name is Lemon. Obviously, he’s a professional when it comes to lemon pepper wings.

Is it petty? Or is Rick Ross just trying to sell more lemon pepper wings?

Don Lemon has yet to respond to Ross’ job offer. Something tells me he’s going to ignore it though.

Oh well, at least Rick Ross provided some entertainment for everybody to see. With that said, it’ll be interesting to see what Lemon’s next career move will be.