Meet Ricky Richards, The Single Most Worst Bandwagon Sports Fan Ever

We all have those buddies who claim that they’ve always liked the New England Patriots, Golden State Warriors and Kentucky Wildcats, even when they sucked, but we also know that that’s a hell of a lot of bullshit.

If you’re a sports fan, you know that the worst type of supporters are bandwagon fans, as they don’t put in their due to experience the heartache and depressing feel following a team’s loss or a miserable season.

So, guys, meet Ricky Richards, a fictional bandwagon fan created by the website The Kicker—I hope—who loves the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Duke Blue Devils and, well, any team that wins has won a title within the past few years.

I hate this type of guy.

[H/T The Kicker]

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