Right Fielder Makes A Standard Catch After His Two Teammates Collide Into Each Other Face First

UK Catch

Collisions in baseball are always hard to watch. Hard to watch, but impossible to look away from. They’re like crashes in a NASCAR race or Johnny Manziel’s entire life.  So, that being said, here are two University of Kentucky baseball players colliding in centerfield. The catch? A literal catch by centerfielder.

Chances those two players don’t have a concussion? Zero. They essentially kissed while running full speed at each other with their eyes closed. If I was the rightfielder, I would entirely blame the second baseman on this one. That catch was in the bag before he got involved. Also, major props to the centerfielder. I was always taught in Little League that if you get hit in the mouth with the ball, finish the play before you pick up your teeth. Same goes for your teammates. You see your buddy Willy at third hit the dirt after taking a line drive to face, you tag up the bag before you check his pulse. Otherwise, you’ll be benched so fast that you’ll have nothing else to do but sit in the hospital and watch over Willy’s comatose body.