29-Year-Old Bro Named Riley Curry Is Getting Sabotaged With Aggressive Tweets From People About The NBA Finals

If he finishes Game 7 with a win for his second-straight title to go with his two-straight league MVP awards, a good argument could be made that Stephen Curry’s having the greatest NBA year ever! And while Steph and his Golden State Warriors are preparing for a decisive seventh game, people on Twitter are absolutely destroying on Riley Curry.

One problem, the Riley Curry on Twitter isn’t the reigning MVP’s three-year-old daughter, but a 29-year-old who lives in Nashville, Tn.

And now that the NBA Finals is all tied up at three games apiece and Steph and his wife Ayesha Curry are all over the news for being perceived as little crybabies, the Twitter trolls came out in bunches going after this dude who thought he was the couple’s daughter.

The fact that people actually think the account belongs to a three-year-old is bad enough, let alone the shit they think they’re saying to her. The Interet is a mean, mean place.