The Rio Olympics Got Off To A Great Start After They Lost The Keys To The Soccer Stadium And Had To Cut The Lock

The Rio Olympics opening ceremony doesn’t air until tomorrow but the games actually started yesterday with a women’s soccer game. So of course something went wrong. Namely, they lost the keys to the stadium and had to call in the fire department to cut the locks.

Ok, so, if I was in charge, I definitely would have made more than a single key to open an Olympic stadium. Even if you made two keys, just so you have a spare. Every important person has a body double just in case some nutjob tries to shoot them in the face, why shouldn’t the keys to one of the proverbial Olympic cities have a double? Where the hell is the key? Did someone take it home and forget it? Or did the drug lords get their hands on it and have been hosting an underground bare-knuckle boxing ring under the lights? I’m kind of hoping that all of the keys are gone just so we can see how many different ways the Committee comes up with opening the gates that don’t simply involve using bolt cutters. Also, big ups to all the people standing in line that didn’t just shimmy the lock themselves. Because we know almost all of them probably can.

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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