Guy Claims He Has Video Of Rob Gronkowski Doing Cocaine


Rob Gronkowski and his crew hit up a Las Vegas nightclub over the weekend. That, of course, isn’t news. Raging is how the New England Patriots tight end recharges his batteries. He’s a damn machine that runs on good times.

But a self-proclaimed “VIP Host” strongly insinuating he has a video of Gronk & Co. plowing through cocaine? That’s the type of thing that would grab some headlines. Hell, the rumored Dez Bryant tape has been in the news for weeks and it may not even exist.

Naturally, gossip king Terez Owens followed up with the gentleman who claimed such footage was in his possession.

Hmmm. Now, far it be for me to tell someone else how to rumor-monger, but it seems odd to suggest one of sports’ biggest stars was diving headfirst into nose candy and then inform others such an event isn’t gossip. Or be concerned that its release could be “slander-worthy.”

That’s akin to shouting “fire” in a crowded theater and then worrying that someone else joining in might cause a panic.

So, for now, it looks like a tape of Gronkowski and pals Bogarting cocaine won’t see the light of day. Or this businessman is holding out for a better offer.

If that’s the case, I suggest he actually hear the next offer before hopping back up on the moral high horse.

Or, and this is most likely, it never existed in the first place.

[H/T: Terez Owens]