100 Out Of 100 People Surveyed Agreed The Gronkowskis’ Episode Of ‘Family Feud’ Is Going To Be Awesome

by 5 years ago



Outside of the Obamas, the Gronkowskis are probably the family average Americans would most want to see play Family Feud. And because the Obamas are otherwise occupied, the show’s producers reached out to the ‘skis and made sure all of our dreams will come true.

There’s no indication when this episode will air or when it will be shipped to the Smithsonian.

Honestly, I feel awful for the clan that has to go against this pack of animals. Not only are they extremely competitive, who in their right mind would want to beat them? It’s not like showing them up is going to get anyone closer to a ride on the magical party bus.

[H/T: Uproxx]


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