#BrosWeekend: Rob Gronkowski Is Changing The Fashion Game With This Amazing Kentucky Derby Outfit


We knew it would be a very special Kentucky Derby this year with Rob Gronkowski in attendance. He was whisked away to Churchill Downs in the lap of luxury on board Tom Brady’s private jet. New England Patriots teammate Julian Edelman declared the amazing jaunt to be a #BrosWeekend. Well, Gronk did not wait until the Kentucky Derby to start the epic party, his celebration began on Friday night at the 5th Annual Fillies & Stallions party and the Barnstable Brown Kentucky Derby.

Gronk did not disappoint in the least. His fashion-forward look that featured a khakis, a standard-issue blazer, a bright yellow t-shirt and a pastel tie. C’est magnifique!


Where is one of those dopey red carpet interviewers when you actually need them? I would have loved to hear some fake reporter present the question to Gronk, “So what are you wearing tonight?” Only to have him respond, “I found this t-shirt in my suitcase and it didn’t have any stains on it, and Tom Brady said I had to wear a jacket and a tie, so he gave me these to put on.”

However Gronkowski was not satisfied. He knew all eyes are on him and wanted to push his fashion sense to the limit. He dressed to impress with this epic plaid suit with green tie that would make Craig Sager jizz his shorts. Get the fuck out of the way Giorgio Armani because Gronk is about to steal your shine.

Day 2. Back at it! #letsggggooooo

Posted by Tom Brady on Saturday, May 2, 2015