Watch Rob Gronkowski Have A Blast Firing A Minigun in Preparation for Upcoming Role In Action Movie

For the past couple of months Rob Gronkowski has seen his name in the headlines after he was reportedly contemplating retirement because he was apparently beefing with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick over his relationship with Tom Brady’s workout guru Alex Guererro.

Two weeks ago, Gronk put all those negative rumors to rest when he re-signed with the team and released this video claiming that the reported beef between he and Belichick was “fake news”.

Last two months have been wild,” “There have been fake news left and right. No doubt about that. There’s been some real news, but I would say way more fake news. But the last two months has been a grind, just seeing where I’ve been at after the season, after a run like that. Playoff run … super bowl run, you’ve got to just see where your body is at. You feel it, playing the game.

The last two months, just taking time working out, doing different types of treatments and it’s been feeling good. It’s the best I’ve ever felt right now. Feeling great. I’ve been working out hard. And I feel super, super pliable. And it’s been huge. It’s a difference-maker. But I’ve been grinding. I’m going to keep on grinding. I’m going to keep working hard. I’m excited for the 2018 season. I’m excited for another championship run.”

Despite all the negativity that has surrounded him this offseason Gronk continues to have a shitload of fun off the field. Just a few weeks ago, Gronk was seen riding motorcyles at a Supercross event in Foxborough, and last week he was spotted in the Bahamas with his on-again,off-again model girlfriend Camille Kostek.

Today, Gronk is spending time firing guns at a shooting range to prepare for an upcoming role in the action movie Boss Level.

Can’t hate on Gronk, dude is living the best life.

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