Rob Gronkowski Reveals NFL Coach With Best Chance To Lure Him Out Of Retirement

Rob Gronkowski with Buccaneers

Getty Image / Douglas P DeFelice

Rob Gronkowski revealed that New York Giants coach Brian Daboll is the coach with the best chance to lure him back to the NFL.

Gronkowski has been retired for more than a year.

Rob Gronkowski has been away from football for over a year now since retiring for the second time in his career.

It’s a retirement that appears like it is going to be permanent this time around.

However, it seems there may be one coach that could at least have a chance at changing that.

During an appearance on “Up & Adams”, Gronkowski told Kay Adams that Brian Daboll is the coach that would have the best chance of luring him out of retirement.

“Brian Daboll,” Gronkowski said. “He can’t get me out of retirement but he would have the best chance of getting me out of retirement.”

Daboll has gotten a lot of attention for his first season as the head coach of the New York Giants.

In that first year, Daboll helped take the Giants from a team that was drafting in the top 5 to a team that not only made it to the playoffs this past season, but also managed to go on the road and get their first playoff win since the 2011 season.

Before he ever got the chance to be an NFL head coach, Daboll was the tight end coach for the New England Patriots from 2013-2016, giving him a chance to work with Gronk.

Luckily for Gronk, even if there was any chance that Daboll could get him out of retirement, it seems likely that it won’t be something he’ll have to worry about fending off.

The Giants are already in a pretty good spot at tight end, having traded for former Pro Bowler Darren Waller this offseason. Waller figures to be a focal point of the team’s passing attack this season. They also have Daniel Bellinger, who showed potential in his rookie season last year.

It looks like Rob Gronkowski’s retirement is going to stick, but maybe Brian Daboll will keep this in mind if things don’t work out with Waller this season.