Rob Gronkowski Reveals Reason Why He Believes Josh Allen Is Throwing So Many Interceptions

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Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is without question one of the league’s best signal callers.

But Allen has struggled at times keeping the ball out of the hands of his opponents.

He threw 14 interceptions in 2022, which was the second-most in the NFL behind Dak Prescott and Davis Mills. And he threw three more in the Bills’ Week 1 loss to the New York Jets in 2023.

Plenty of fans and analysts have theorized as to why Allen is struggling so much. Including one fan theory blaming actress and girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld.

But former superstar tight end and future Pro Football Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski has another idea.

“That actually could be the correct answer, that Daboll thing,” he said on Wednesday’s episode of the “Up and Adams” show, referring to former offensive coordinator Brian Daboll leaving to become the New York Giants head coach.

“The Daboll Experiment is owner. He had those three great seasons. That’s when Josh Allen really took off, is when coach Daboll took over quarterback and offensive coordinator position in Buffalo with the Bills,” he continued. “And ever since he has left, Josh Allen has struggled. I’m telling you, coach Daboll can get to his players. He’s a great position coach. He’s been a great head coach as well. Obviously, Week 1 did not go his way with the Giants. But still, he was my position coach for three years. I saw him bring out the best in Josh Allen.”

On one hand, Gronkowski is right. Daboll is a darn good coach.

But unfortunately for Gronk, the timelines don’t exactly match up.

Daboll’s final season in Buffalo was 2021. Allen threw a career-high 15 interceptions that season/

In fact, Allen has thrown double digit interceptions in all but one NFL season. But it really hasn’t held him or the Bills back much.

Similarly, Patrick Mahomes threw 13 interceptions in 2021 and 12 in 2022.

So is Allen really struggling that much? Or are people just overreacting to a bad opening week