Rob Gronkowski Regrets Nothing After Spiking Steve Harvey’s Lego Head


On New Year’s Eve, Rob Gronkowski welcomed in 2020 by spiking a bust of Steve Harvey made entirely of Legos. But if you were waiting for Gronk to apologize for obliterating the Lego head that was constructed in the image of Havey’s head, then you’re going to be waiting a very long time.

On Tuesday night, Gronkowski appeared on FOX’s New Year’s Eve broadcast along with host Steve Harvey. The Family Feud host unveiled a sculpture of Harvey’s head made out entirely of Legos. While wearing an old school throwback Packers uniform, Gronk saw the opportunity to spice up the NYE live television broadcast by spiking the Lego head. The “spontaneous” spike, which was wholly scripted caused Harvey to be “shocked.”

Video of Gronk’s celebratory New Year’s Eve spike went viral, receiving more than 35,000 RTs, 153,000 Likes and over 4.2 million views.

The former New England Patriots tight end wants you to know that he had to spike Havey’s toy head. On his Instagram and Twitter accounts, Gronk posted photos of him spiking Steve Harvey’s Lego head on New Year’s Eve with the caption: “Yep! I absolutely Gronk Spiked LEGO Steve to spike the New Year off!! Sorry but had to do it!!”

Gronk regrets nothing.

People on Twitter reacted to Gronk’s tweet with snark. There were people making fun of Gronk’s acting skills and Harvey’s hurt fee-fees.

Twitter users even called Gronk’s fake spike “sad.”

There were a lot of people who actually believed that Gronk’s Lego spike was a real moment that totally wasn’t planned. God bless those people who live their lives so innocently.

There was an idea of Harvey getting revenge on Gronk by spiking the tight end’s bust when he gets inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.