Is Rob Gronkowski Seriously Considering A Career In The WWE?

Earlier this week, Rob Gronkowski and NXT wrestler Mojo Rawley cut a WWE-style promo in the streets where grown man play dress up and cut promos. Kids and their video recorders.

Gronk has been making the rounds on talk radio, because what else is there to do in the offseason, and the subject of Mojo and professional wrestling came up. Gronk had this to say about his buddy Mojo, a former NFL player himself, and the chances that one day Gronk might step into a WWE ring.

“My boy Mojo Rawley is in the WWE’s NXT and he just got back from an injury, so he’s about to start amping it up again and he’s doing a great job,” said Gronkowski. “He’s my boy and he’s killing it. I love watching him. We were just chilling and we cut a promo together and we had a blast.”

Regarding the possibility of following Rawley from the world of football to WWE, Gronkowski said, “I can definitely see something in the future. Hopefully Mojo Rawley starts wrestling a lot and starts doing what he has to do and makes it to “Monday Night Raw.”

Gronkowski concluded, “If my boy is there, I’m there for an appearance.”

I’ll be honest, we’ve seen way worse NFL players make the transition into wrestling, and at least Gronk has a personality. Charisma is hard to teach.

[via SEScoops]