‘Always Sunny’ Star Welcomes Noah Syndergaard To Philadelphia Resulting In Hilarious Exchange

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Former Mets and Angels pitcher Noah Syndergaard was dealt to the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday ahead of the MLB trade deadline. The right-handed pitcher now rejoins the NL East after having previously spent six seasons in the Big Apple.

While he may still be on rocky terms with some of those fans from New York, it appears that his new supporters in the City of Brotherly Love are excited to have him.

Syndergaard brings with him a 5-8 record and 3.83 ERA. Nicknamed Thor for his long hair and 6-foot-6 frame, the pitcher will hope to power the Phillies on a playoff push as they currently sit in a tie for the National League’s final wildcard spot.

One city staple turned Hollywood star is welcoming Syndergaard with open arms.

Rob McElhenney, AKA “Mac” on the hit TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” sent Thor a message on Twitter following news of the trade between the Phillies and Angels. That led to a hilarious exchange between the new acquaintances.

Rob McElhenney sends Noah Syndergaard a message after Phillies trade

McElhenney sent the following tweet to Syndergaard after the trade.

“Dear Noah Syndergaard, I feel like I can call you Noah cause you and me are so alike. I know I can’t throw as fast as you, but I think you’d be impressed with my speed. I like your hair. Welcome to Philadelphia.”

It didn’t take long for the pitcher to respond to the television star, posting a GIF of his time in New York. He hints at the awkward tension between him and Mets fans now that he’s returning to the division with a rival team.

He then went a step further, updating his cover photo with an image of the Always Sunny cast.

Hopefully, Syndergaard’s time in Philadelphia is just that.

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