Mets Fans Clown Noah Syndergaard After He Posts A Tweet Signaling His Desire To Leave The Angels

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Noah Syndergaard apparently wants out of Los Angeles. And based on recent rumors surrounding the MLB trade deadline, he may soon get his wish.

The right-handed pitcher is reportedly rumored to be on the chopping block, with the Toronto Blue Jays seen as a favorite to land the flamethrower. The Phillies are also in the hunt, according to Jon Heyman.

Syndergaard has been with the Angels for one season after leaving the Mets on rocky terms.

Thor originally stated his intentions to remain in New York as the team stuck by him through Tommy John surgery. The Mets even offered a one-year deal worth over $18 million.

Shortly thereafter, he bolted, citing the uncertainty in the team’s search for a General Manager as his reason for leaving. A $21 million offer from the Angels likely didn’t hurt.

Now, the Mets find themselves in a World Series hunt while Syndergaard’s Angels sit below .500. That hasn’t stopped him from taking a few jabs at his former team this season. Still, it appears he now hopes to be traded to a playoff contender.

Syndergaard seemed to signal his desire to leave LA with a tweet on Tuesday, and Mets fans took it as an opportunity to remind him of his decision to get out of New York.

Mets fans troll Noah Syndergaard over trade tweet

Mets fans took a moment to troll their former pitcher while letting him know about the success they’ve had without him on the roster.

Another fan simply posted the quote of Syndergaard bashing the Mets following his departure.

We’ll see if Thor gets his wish and is dealt to a playoff contender. If so, he might wind up facing his former team in the postseason.

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