Rob Pelinka Reveals Kobe Bryant’s Final Texts Sent From Helicopter Before His Death ‘Kobe’s Last Human Act Was Heroic’

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Lakers GM Rob Pelinka was one of Kobe Bryant’s best friends and was in contact with Kobe on the morning the basketball great died in a helicopter crash last month.

During Kobe’s farewell celebration Pelinka revealed that Kobe was texting him while on the helicopter on that tragic morning moments before his death to see if Rob could help him get a baseball agency internship for Lexi Altobelli. Lexi’s parents and her sister Alyssa were on board the helicopter the day of the crash.

“It was just passed 9:30 Kobe texts back explaining his desire a friend of his secure a baseball agent internships for one of his young daughters. Kobe vouched for the girl’s character, intellect and work ethic. He clearly wanted to champion a bright future for her.

I text Kobe right back and said I would put a plan in motion to get that done, a handful of minutes later Kobe, Gianna, and seven other beautiful souls ascended into heaven.

Kobe had been texting me from the helicopter, the girl in that text chain that he wanted to help so badly was Lexi Altobelli, the surviving daughter of coach John Altobelli who was also on the helicopter. Kobe’s last human act was heroic, he wanted to use his platform to shape a young girl’s future”