If You Missed Rob Ryan On ‘NFL GameDay’, You Missed An Absolute Trainwreck Of A Performance


NFL Network

There are few things in the NFL more entertaining than Rex and Rob Ryan, who always give some hilarious insight, and soundbites, that bring unnecessary attention to both themselves and their teams. Unfortunately, for Rob, he doesn’t have a team to bring attention to anymore, now that the New Orleans Saints canned his ass as their D coordinator following the most pathetic defensive performance I think I’ve ever seen against the Washington Redskins last week.

Going on NFL GameDay yesterday as a special host, the recently fired defensive “whiz” had a variety of things that he thought would be entertaining—which, you got it, included him saying the Saints blamed him for everything, “including Katrina.” Classy guy, this Rob is.

Rob continued by trolling twin brother Rex by saying the Buffalo Bills coach only has one Super Bowl ring, while Rob and their dad, legendary former defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan, have two each. Naturally, that prompted Rex to call in and rip Robby for his outfit.


The entire thing was a shitshow that just continued to get worse and worse, with fellow analysts and studio host Rich Eisen seemingly amazed at what the hell this guy was actually saying. I can’t help but think Thanksgiving dinner at the Ryan’s house is just about to be the exact same thing as fans saw on GameDay—only with a lot of bottles of whisky, slurred words, heavy shit-talking and, maybe, a few fisticuffs being thrown around.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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