Robbie Anderson Slams ‘Narrative’ With Feisty Clap Back After Panthers Acquire Baker Mayfield

Robbie Anderson Slams ‘Narrative’ After Panthers Acquire Baker Mayfield

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  • The Carolina Panthers acquired Baker Mayfield from the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday.
  • Panthers’ WR Robbie Anderson was not a fan of a Baker deal earlier in the offseason.
  • But, he responded with a feisty clap back on his comments.

It finally happened. After months and months of rumors, discussion, and drama, the Cleveland Browns have traded away quarterback Baker Mayfield. The Carolina Panthers sent a future fifth-round pick and paid some of his salary to bring in their new presumed starting QB.

It took quite some time, but the Panthers and Browns finally got a deal done, and the endless Mayfield discussions can be put to bed once and for all.

However, Panthers WR Robbie Anderson was not on board with a Mayfield trade earlier in the offseason.

That was back in April, and two months later, Mayfield is headed to Carolina.

Panthers WR Robbie Anderson Has Responded To His Previous Comments Regarding Baker Mayfield

Anderson’s previous comments quickly went viral after the trade was announced. On the other hand, Anderson himself took to Twitter to rip the ‘narrative’ that had been displayed.

Anderson admits he was trying to back his QB at the time, Sam Darnold. After all, Darnold was expected to be the team’s starter if no deal was made.

So, for now, it seems Anderson is fine with the trade. At least publicly.