Robert Streb Memorialized Making Five Birdie Putts Using Only His Wedge With A Badass Wedge Stamp

Remember how Robert Streb broke his putter, WHILE HE WAS IN CONTENTION, in the final round of the Greenbrier Classic and then went on to go apeshit on the greens with his wedge? By that, I mean he made a lot of birdies, not that he destroyed the course like some kind of no-class dipshit.

If you don’t remember that, here is a way to refresh your memory of just how good PGA Tour players really are.


Well, he memorialized the occasion by stamping something into his wedge.

That’s cool, but I prefer looking at the inspiring message I have stamped into my wedge right before I hit an important shot. It says, “Go on, flub another one, fuck boy. You suck. You absolutely fucking suck.” Like I said, really inspirational.
[H/T Golf Digest]