Here’s The Internet’s Best Reactions To Roger Goodell Fake Dying On Twitter

roger goodell laugh

On Tuesday morning, the NFL’s Twitter account was reportedly hacked and sent out a tweet saying that commissioner Roger Goodell had passed away.

If only……is probably what some people *cough* Patriots fans *cough* are thinking.

Alas, the internet has been having an absolute field day with the story, and if you are Roger Goodell, it might be a good idea to stop reading this right now. Unless you thrive on hatred and getting roasted, then by all means, carry on…

Did ol’ Rog orchestrate this one for some one-time-only sympathy? Smells of a farce, but who knows?

Guess all the Commish can do now is get back to work and slap Aqib Tali with a few game suspension just for getting shot.