Fans Are Floored By Roger Goodell’s Take About NFL Officiating

Roger Goodell

Getty Image / Wesley Hitt

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke with the media on Wednesday as the Super Bowl quickly approaches.

He was asked a wide range of questions. However, one that has football fans buzzing was his take on the NFL officiating crew.

According to Ari Meirov, Roger Goodell believes the officiating in the 2022 season was some of the best he’s seen. His full response is below.

Goodell’s response has me wondering if he even watches the games. The NFL has some of the most inconsistent officiating in American sports, so it’s wild for him to make this claim.

NFL fans are absolutely floored by Goodell’s statement.

That comment is so far out of left field, some fans are wondering what’s going on with Roger Goodell.

Perfect response tweet.

From the sounds of it, the NFL isn’t going to be cleaning up the bad officiating anytime soon.

We’ll keep that hope alive though. Maybe one day some serious changes will be made. Until then, get used to what you’re watching on Sundays.

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