56 Year-Old Roger Goodell Ran The 40 In Socks And Still Almost Beat Tom Brady’s Time

roger goodell runs 40 yard dash

YouTube - NFL

Roger Goodell is no Usain Bolt.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell took some time out from his $44 million a year job to run the 40 for charity. In an office. In socks. And he still almost beat Tom Brady’s time of 5.28 at the 2000 NFL Combine. (Although, as we’ve seen, it’s a true miracle Brady even got drafted.)

Goodell even beat Rich Eisen’s 5.98 which was done on the NFL Combine track. All this makes me wonder if there wasn’t some timing chicanery going on. (By the way, today is Goodell’s birthday. Happy birthday, Commish.)

roger goodell runs the 40

YouTube - NFL

In the big picture though the important thing is that Roger Goodell did this for the #RunRichRun campaign which supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and his sprint was worth $75,000 in donations from NFL Network and Under Armour. So good on him.