Panthers’ Roman Harper Posts Video Showing Why Tackling Marshawn Lynch Is An Idiotic Decision


When a dude’s nickname is “Beast Mode”—as Marshawn Lynch’s is—that’s usually a tell-tale sign that he’s a fucking monster who, when coming at an opposing player full speed on a football field, is capable of absolutely destroying that defender with zero regard for human life.

And, after Carolina Panthers safety Roman Harper found himself in that predicament during yesterday’s game with the Seahawks, he posted a video showing exactly what it’s like to try and take down Lynch.

HOLY SHIT, you guys, Marshawn busted the brother’s helmet, acting like a wrecking ball destroying the side of a building.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen shit like this from Lynch, who has been known to bust opposing players’ egos as well as their equipment—and Harper has seen it firsthand once before, too, as he was on the field during the infamous Beast Quake run during the playoffs a few years back.

So, yeah, if you see Marshawn Lynch coming towards you, move, bitch, get out the way!

[H/T Pro Football Talk]

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