Ronald Acuna Going Viral For His Icy NBA-Inspired Home Run Celebrations And A Fresh Custom Brand Diamond Chain

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  • Rondald Acuna is known for his flair for the dramatic on the diamond
  • He’s going viral for his NBA-inspired home run celebrations
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Ronald Acuna is making headlines once again for his flair on the baseball diamond. The star player is always flashy, never missing an opportunity to celebrate a big moment.

That flashiness has rubbed some seasoned veterans the wrong way, even some that were formerly on his team. Still, it hasn’t stopped him from being himself on the field.

He speaks his mind about the game, and he wears his emotion on his sleeve. No one is safe from his wrath when getting on his bad side, not even men in blue. That emotion, though, is what makes him so likeable to the younger generation.

Bat flips, trash talk, and excitement. Those three words can pretty much sum up Acuna’s game.

This week, he’s going viral for some animated NBA-inspired home run celebrations.

Ronald Acuna making waves with NBA inspired home run celebrations

Acuna is taking pages from the NBA book of celebrations, emulating basketball stars like LeBron James and fellow Atlanta hotshot Trae Young.

Earlier this week, he dropped the LeBron ‘Silencer’ following a bomb in Colorado.

He then hit the ‘Ice Trae’ made famous by the Hawks’ superstar. Young reacted to the imitation on social media. After all, it’s the best form of flattery.

The two kept the back and forth going with Acuna posting a clip of his own. And it’s got fans talking.

Keeping the “Icy” theme going, Acuna tags Young in a video that shows him pulling a diamond necklace from his freezer. Folks on Twitter were quick to take notice.

Acuna is having a big year after returning from a 2021 ACL injury. The star outfielder is hitting .320 with five homers through 27 games.

You’ll probably hear the traditionalists say that there’s no place for this in baseball. If you don’t want to see it, stop it. Until then, expect the Ronald Acuna celebrations to continue.