Ronda Rousey Talked About If She’d Ever Fight Cyborg On Howard Stern

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Arguably the biggest draw in sports — Ronda Rousey — was on the Howard Stern show this morning. One of the big topics of discussion around Rousey is whether or not she’d fight UFC’s other big female draw, Cris “Cyborg” Justino. Just yesterday she said she’d be willing to wait two more years. On Howard Stern this morning she elaborated on what such a match-up would look like.

Jimmy Traina at Fox Sports has a recap of her best quotes:

On why hasn’t she fought Cyborg:

“I fight at 135. She fights at 145. So, she was the champ at 145 before I even started competing. And then she got caught for steroids. She’s very obviously been abusing performance-enhancing drugs for a very long time to the point that her jawline, hands and feet have been morphed by everything she’s done to her body. ”

On whether she wants to fight Cyborg:

“Of course I do. I have to think about what sends the right message. I’m not gonna do backflips for a cheating con artist. And to be honest, if you can make 145 juiced the f— up on steroids, you can get off them and move down. She would have to make 135 like everybody else and she would have to be clean like everybody else. There’s no reason why she should get a special set of rules because she cheated for a long time.”

On whether Cyborg is afraid of her:

“Of course she is. What she wants is enough money that she could take a loss for it. She’s one of those people that it’s all ‘roids and muscle and not technique or anything.”

Let’s hope it happens and let’s hope it takes less time than Pacquiao-Mayweather did.

Read more over at Fox Sports. Here’s a clip:

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