Ronda Rousey Appeared On A Talk Show Dressed Like A Sexy Librarian And She Should Do This Forever And Ever Amen

Ronda Rousey Librarian

Sure, sure, we’d all love to see Ronda Rousey topless but until those photos are available to pervs everywhere we’ll have to settle for Ronday Rousey as a sexy librarian.

Rousey appeared on The Fight Network to discuss her book, punching other women, and how bad she wants to make a WWE match happen.

In talking with John Pollock of The Fight Network, Rousey addressed her future in the world of professional wrestling, leaving the door open for fans to continue to hold out hope that Rousey may appear in a WWE ring again one day.

“Umm, I don’t know,” said Rousey when asked if her pro wrestling days are over. “I have so much going on. You never really know and the foreseeable future has all been planned out with other things.”

Rousey continued, “But one of the legends of wrestling that I met with in the back — he told me something very interesting. He said that you never retire from wrestling, you just step away for a while and then it draws you back at some point later.”

Having said that, it sounds as though Rousey is in agreement with that theory.

“And, so now that I’m started, it’s apparently impossible to retire and some day I will find my way back there. I don’t know how or when, but I know it’s going to happen,” Rousey concluded.

In other news, I’m just trying to figure out the rest of Rousey outfit. I hope it’s not just like jeans and those ugly ass flat shoes chicks wear. I’m praying Rousey is in thigh highs and stiletto heels.

“Where am I going? Just an interview and them to put some books back in the fiction section. I’m going to put them back…sexily.” And then she punches the fuck out of a copy of Marley And Me.

[via SEScoops]