Ronda Rousey Throws Massive Shade At Walmart For Not Selling Her Book Because ‘She’s Too Violent’



A few days ago, reports circulated that Walmart had decided not to sell Ronda Rousey’s book “My Fight/ Your Fight” in their stores because they think she’s too violent. Today, Ronda fired back at Walmart on Instagram and she didn’t hold back.

“Success is the best revenge” one of many lessons I learned from fighting that helped me fight through life’s battles off the mat and outside the octagon. @walmart is welcome to watch the success of this publication from the sidelines if they choose.

Ronda’s book isn’t completely banned from Walmart, you can still buy it on their website just not on their store shelves.

It’s kind of silly that Walmart is taking a hard stand on Rousey’s book considering you can buy guns and violent video games at most of their stores.