There’s A Rumor Going Around About Why Ronda Rousey Didn’t Take Down Stephanie McMahon At Wrestlemania And It Makes Complete Sense


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Even though it’s almost eleven months away, WWE is already laying down the foundation for Wrestlemania 32.

The early rumors were a match between The Rock and Ronda Rousey against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, based on their altercation at Wrestlemania 31. Now it seems as though there’s an internal push for a one-on-one match between Stephanie and the UFC women’s champion.

There is still, however, the sticking point of Rousey being under contract with the UFC. WWE laid out the Rousey-McMahon angle at Wrestlemania 31 so it leads to a match between the two women but many wondered why Rousey didn’t specifically go after McMahon. It was especially odd to watch Rousey go after Triple H and not slap her famous armbar on Steph.

It’s because of “the money shot.” 

WWE is under the belief, for obvious reasons, that Rousey armbarring McMahon is the “money shot” in the program, so the company opted to save that spot, keeping it out of their WrestleMania 31 angle in the hopes that they can book the Rousey-McMahon match and use the armbar as the finish of the bout.

It makes sense. It would also make sense for Rousey to not even touch Steph again until the day of Wrestlemania 32 to build up the match and have fans craving a Stephanie beatdown. Not that anyone will believe that Stephanie has a real chance against Rousey, but this is the WWE, and anything can happen.

And that anything is usually a McMahon win.

[via MMA News]

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