New Rookie Event Pictures Reveal Exactly How Much Smaller Bryce Young Is Among His Class

Bryce Young

Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The buzz surrounding Bryce Young’s physical stature continued to captivate NFL fans as new pictures emerged from the NFLPA’s 2023 Rookie Premiere.

These snapshots provided a revealing glimpse into just how much smaller Young appeared among his fellow rookies across all positions.

It all started when Young, who had been listed at 6’0 and 194 pounds during his college career, had his true height disclosed at the 2023 NFL Combine. The measurement revealed that Young stood at 5’10, which was two inches shorter than what had been previously reported. This revelation ignited further speculation about his size and how it might affect his performance on the field.

As the Panthers selected Young as their first overall pick in the 2023 Draft, anticipation grew regarding his transition to the professional level. However, a video capturing Young’s first practice with the team showcased the striking disparity in height between him and his fellow offensive linemen. Towering above him, they served as a reminder that offensive linemen are typically much taller in stature.

Observers, though intrigued by the video, brushed it off, understanding that size discrepancies often exist among players in different positions.

However, the NFLPA’s Rookie Premiere provided a fresh perspective on Young’s size relative to his peers.

In the midst of a group photo, Young stood side by side with Lions rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs, who was officially listed at 5’9 and 199 pounds on the Lions’ website. Surprisingly, in the picture, Gibbs appeared in similar height to Young, further highlighting the quarterback’s smaller stature.

Another picture showcased Young standing in the distance next to Stetson Bennett, a diminutive rookie from the Rams. The comparison emphasized the contrast in their physical attributes.

While the discussion of Young’s height continued to generate interest among NFL fans, it was crucial to remember that an athlete’s performance ultimately mattered most.

Height alone does not determine an individual’s success or failure on the football field. Numerous shorter quarterbacks have excelled in the NFL, proving that talent and skill can outweigh physical dimensions.

As Young embarked on his rookie season with the Panthers, all eyes would be on him to see how he would adapt and perform. The doubts surrounding his size only served to intensify the scrutiny on his abilities. However, it is often these challenges that fuel an athlete’s determination to prove themselves on the grandest stage.

Young would have an opportunity to silence his critics and demonstrate his skill set, showing that it’s not the height that matters, but rather the heart and talent within.