Teams Must Hire One Minority Or Female Coach Following League Diversity Adjustments, NFL World Reacts

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  • The NFL is requiring that all teams hire a female or minority coach on the offensive staff in 2022
  • NFL reaction ranges from empowerment to skepticism
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There have been some major changes to the NFL hiring process this week.

It was announced on Monday that NFL teams will now be required to hire either a “female or a member of an ethnic or racial minority” as a staff member on the offensive side of the ball. As a result, the league is setting aside a fund in order to pay up to half the salary of the new addition. The team will pay the remainder.

The NFL released a statement on the changes, as well as their focus on hiring offensive assistants.

“In recent years, head coaches have predominantly had offensive backgrounds. We believe this resolution will assist greatly in continuing to source and identify diverse candidates earlier in their career, providing pipeline depth and further developing the diverse offensive pipeline.”

There have also been tweaks to the already implemented “Rooney Rule,” which calls for teams to interview at least one minority candidate for all head coaching openings. Now, female coaches will be counted as “diverse candidates” for these top positions.

In other words, if a team interviews two women for a head coaching opening, the Rooney Rule has been satisfied.

While the changes to the diversity and inclusion guidelines come from a perspective of progress, some people are quick to point out that the current rule hasn’t had the desired effect on the outcomes of minority coaches.

NFL World Reacts To Diversity Changes

While the NFL changes are well-intentioned, many have viewed the current structure as a failure.

There were only five minority head coaches in the NFL last season.

But when looking at the coordinator positions, nearly half of the league’s teams boast minority defensive play callers. Now, the focus has turned to the offensive side of the ball, as most recent NFL head coaches used the path of offensive play caller to climb the ladder.

The rule changes have been met with a range of reactions. Some are still skeptical while others see this as one step further in the right direction.

We’ll have to see what effect this has on future NFL hires.