Rory McIlroy Says Breaking Up with Caroline Wozniacki Helped His Golf Game

Hearing that Rory MCIlroy is better at golf now that he doesn’t have to deal with your bullshit has to sting Wozniacki something fierce. It probably didn’t need to be said for her or anyone to realize that his game without her is looking better than his game with her, but a reporter asked how this “MAJOR LIFE EVENT” (can you even call a break up that?) impacted his game and Rory just came right out and spoke his truth.


Q. When anyone goes through a major personal event, it impacts their professional focus, typically it does. Why does it seem that that has not happened with you, and is there anyone, or people in particular, that have helped you concentrate in the last few months to bring such incredible results?

RORY McILROY: Well, I think it has happened to me for the better. I’ve put a little bit more time into my golf and refocused me in a way. It’s the only thing ‑‑ not the only thing I have; I’ve got my family and my friends, but I just immersed myself in my game. I’ve practiced hard and I’ve done all the right things, and I’m reaping the rewards.

Obviously there’s a lot of people around me who keep me on an even keel. My mum and dad are obviously the two biggest influences on my life and I’ve got a great bunch of friends from home and I’ve got a great team around me. You know, they are the people that I confide in and the people that I can tell everything to, and it’s great to have a solid bunch of people like that around you that you can rely on.

But when someone tried to compare him to Tiger (maybe insinuating that Rory aspires to bang a few waitresses at the  local Perkins?) the 2014 PGA Champion quickly responds that he’s not trying to emulate Tiger.

Q. Obviously it’s been well documented how much you have watched Tiger and emulated him to some degree. Have you studied him a lot in terms of ‑‑ when he was at his peak, he had that singular focus kind of with nothing else around him, which almost sounds a little bit like what you’re describing now as you kind of have refocused in that last stretch. Is there anything to that, at all, by any chance?

RORY McILROY: No, nothing. It’s not like I’ve tried to take his approach in any way. I’m just in a stage of my life that, you know, it’s just where I’m at. Golf is the No. 1 priority to me and while I’m on this run of form, I want to try and keep it going as long as possible, and I’m going to keep working hard and keep practicing and try and get even better.

Hopefully I can do that over the next few years, and hopefully you’ll see golf like this more often from me.

P.S. Anyone notice if this hungry girl from the Bridgestone Invitational was following Rory around and making bedroom eyes at him at Valhalla?