You Could Stand To Take Home $100k If You Knockout This Professional Boxer

Roy Jones Jr is calling you and your homies out right now bros. After 30-seconds of some straight faced, fiery trash talk Roy dispels the details on the fight that could change or end your life: On March 20th literally whoever comes up with and sends in the best reason to get asswhooped by the 47-year old will have a chance to square up before instantaneously shitting pants and exploding at the sheer terror that’ll hit any dude who finds himself squared up against a professional boxer.

At this point it’s honestly hard to say whether Jones Jr’s going to make a massive career comeback with all this PR, or hit a savage mid-life crisis earlier than he planned. Can you imagine the sobering shock that’d accompany the event that Jones Jr doesn’t walk away with a rapid KO under his belt? So take a poll amongst the bros and find out who’s down to sacrifice life and limb in the pursuit of happiness, or like 100 large.