The Royals Won Last Night, But This Little Girl Who Took A Ninja Kick To The Dome Lost



Celebrating a big victory in sports? Good. Celebrating a big victory in sports with kids? Cute. Celebrating a big victory in sports with kids without knowing one child is running up behind you? Ehh… usually doesn’t end well.

Jonny Gomes—yes, the same Jonny Gomes who Chris Illuminati reminds me has been in every MLB postseason since 2010 except 2011’s—was being a good dad and celebrating the Royals’ victory last night with his daughter on the field when, out of nowhere, Jason Vargas’ kid wants in on the fun and… doink.’t worry, she’s just fine. However, here’s another look at it.

Championship teams need a little luck to win titles, so K.C. fans are hoping the team doesn’t have a similar fate as Vargas’ daughter here.

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