Drunk Rugby Player Caught On Video Peeing His Pants, Simulating Sex With Dog

by 3 years ago

If I was a popular professional athlete I would not allow my friends or acquaintances to have a camera phone when they party with me. You can have your iPhone or android phone collected at the door or if you absolutely need to stay in communication with people then you have to downgrade to an old school brick phone from the late 90s with no camera on it like a StarTac or a Nokia that still has the “Snake” game on it. This way when I am at my worst and doing ridiculous shenanigans, that the embarrassing moments won’t be seen by the entire world. Think how much better Johnny Manziel’s life would be if he implemented this practice? Now a rugby player is in a wee bit of trouble after his drunken tomfoolery was recorded by a camera phone and has gone viral.

Mitchell Pearce is a 26-year-old halfback for the NRL’s Sydney Roosters, who appreciates booze, women and dogs. The Australian professional rugby player appears to be intoxicated at a house party where he fancies a woman, and he attempts to kiss her. But she quickly rejects his advances, which sets him off. Like last call at the bar, Pearce quickly lowers his standards for a new lover. Pearce lowers his standards so much so that he selects a different species for a late night romp. Pearce grabs a dog and simulates sex with the animal.

Pearce attempts to charm the fur off the canine with some honeyed words:

“I’ll fuck that dog, I don’t give a fuck, I don’t have a sexuality. I wanna fuck your dog, I don’t even care anymore.”

Now the Roosters co-captain faces disciplinary action, especially since he was fined and suspended by his team in 2013 after being arrested at a Sydney nightclub.

The Roosters issued a statement regarding the situation:

The Sydney Roosters are aware of an incident involving Mitchell Pearce.

The Club has advised the NRL’s Integrity Unit.

The Club will conduct an internal investigation and will be making no further comment at this time.

Pearce should institute the no camera phone policy immediately. He should also steer clear of pooches. Everybody knows the old adage that warns if you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas or a viral video that threatens your career.


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