Rugby Player Suspended 2 Weeks For Vicious WWE Bodyslam – BONUS: Jim Ross Call

Rugby is an extremely violent sport, but Liam Gill took it too far on this occasion. The Queensland Reds flanker powerbombed Nic White of the Brumbies (How fantastic is that team name?) in the 47th minute of their match.

With play stopped and the Brumbies trailing 17-0, there were several players disheveled on the field. That’s when Gill fairly easily picked up White over his head and threw him to the ground that would even make WWE wrestler Batista proud. Gill was hit with a yellow card for his violent actions.

Then on Monday, Super Rugby judicial officer Robert Stelzner suspended Gill for 2-weeks for the bodyslam. “The player conceded that the lifting and turning of his smaller opponent placed the opponent at risk of serious injury. The player stated he acted out of frustration and ‘instinctively’ in his attempts to contest for the ball,” ruled Stelzner. “The tackle was reckless, carried with it a real risk of serious injury, but at the same time was not the normal type of lifting tackling in which the player’s momentum adds to the danger.”

Gill will be allowed to return on April 3, when the Reds play the Melbourne Rebels.

With the WWE-like powerbomb, I think it’s only fair that the legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross give his commentary on the controversial play.