GRAPHIC: Listen To This Rugby Player’s Limb Snap During An Arm-Wrestling Match On Live TV

Former rugby player Ben Ross suffered a horrific broken arm while arm-wrestling Wendell Sailor, another NRL player. The gruesome injury was broadcast to a studio audience as well as on live television.

On Thursday night (In Australia, not in the future), the 35-year-old’s arm snapped and a loud pop echoed as ex-Kangaroos winger Sailor destroyed Ross on the TV show The Footy Show. You can see the obscene amount of pain on the face of Ross as he buckles in agony. The entire live audience gasps and then covers their faces in horror.

See this is what happens when athletes think they can play multiple sports. Stick to your sport, retire and take up golf like everyone else.

Ross was taken to the hospital and the show’s host, Paul Vautin, said “He’s in good spirits.” Easy for that fucking dude to say.

“Still not sure about Ben Ross, he’s full of morphine apparently,” Vautin later joked. Australians just don’t give a fuck. Love it!


Ross played for Cronulla, South Sydney, St George Illawarra and helped the Penrith Panthers win the NRL title in 2003. Ross retired in 2013 season after battling neck injuries.

Ahhh the beauty of live television.