Rumors Of Joe Burrow Being Engaged Are Causing So Much Devastation On TikTok

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Despite the fact that Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has been in a relationship since 2017 with Olivia Holzmacher, ladies all over America have still been holding out hope that they can somehow steal him away from her.

Earlier this year, Burrow began trending on TikTok because so many women are making thirst trap videos about him.

This one was my personal favorite…

@gibbybender #duet with @mikegotchalk ♬ Suspense Mood – Parry Music

Things got so out of hand that none other than Paige Spiranac felt the need to weigh in, warning men everywhere that Joe Burrow could steal their girls anytime he wanted.

“Men, are you doing okay?” Spiranac asked in the comical video. “This is a wellness check. I just want to make sure that everything is alright since Joe Burrow has stolen your girls. And you’re probably like, ‘Paige, my girl would never.'”

Don’t be so sure, guys.

Especially, based on the latest batch of TikTok videos showing one woman after another expressing everything from anger to sadness to grief.

For you see, there apparently is a rumor floating around that Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher, who began dating in 2017 after meeting at Ohio State, are now engaged.

So many online searches happening right now…

@lilemgem Bad day to be Al #joeburrow #joeburrowismydaddy #joeburrowengaged #????? ♬ nintendo wii (mii channel) song – julie on the internet

So much sadness…

@espnw She bout to score 20 goals next game 😭 (via @grace burcaw, @unhwsoc) #soccer #pain #joeburrow ♬ original sound – SplashLxfe

So much anger…

@benelli_archive thats it. im joining a convent #joeburrow #joeburrowgirlfriend #joeburrowengaged #joeburrowengagement #joeburrowedit #joeburrowfangirl #joeburrowfiance #bengalsfootball #lsufootball ♬ original sound – Memes You Didn’t Want

So much disappointment…

@realaidancarpenter crying and throwing up rn don’t talk to me #fypシ #nyc #joeburrow ♬ La Leçon Particulière – b

Be careful out there today, guys.

@sarah.medina11 I really thought he was going to respond to my DM’s this year 😞 #fyp #joeburrow #nfl ♬ Nfl Theme – Official Sports Bar Version – Playin' Buzzed

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