Joe Burrow Is Trending On TikTok Because Women Are Thirsting For Him

Joe Burrow running on the field

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Joe Burrow is currently one of the top trends on TikTok because women are making thirst trap videos about him.

Earlier this week, Paige Spiranac warned men everywhere that Burrow could steal their girls if he wanted to.

In a Twitter video captioned, “Here are the warning signs that Joe Burrow has stolen your girl,” Spiranac said: “Men, are you doing OK? This is a wellness check. I just want to make sure that everything is alright since Joe Burrow has stolen your girls. And you’re probably like, ‘Paige, my girl would never.’

“Here are some warning signs you should probably look out for: You ask her favorite number. She says, ‘9.’ She’s weirdly wearing a lot of orange and black and it’s not Halloween. She goes, ‘Hey babe, I think you’d look good with some blonde highlights, maybe some blonde hair.’

Apparently, Spiranac was right because women are going crazy making thirst trap videos of Burrow on TikTok.


We’re not cheering for football if you know what I mean #fyp #Superbowl #joeburrow #bengals

♬ Like a Boy – Ciara

Things have gotten so bad that some people only have Joe Burrow videos on their ‘For You’ page even though they don’t watch football.

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