Russell Westbrook’s Response To The Rockets’ Players Openly Mocking His Teammate Is Awesome

Russell Westbrook wakes up with the attitude that everyone who isn’t sporting OKC Thunder blue and orange just boned his girlfriend on his birthday. He puts nothing and no one above his team and the success they attain. He doesn’t succumb to the media when they try to bait him into throwing his teammates under the bus. He doesn’t smile on the court or buddy up with opposing players. He has no interest in mending his relationship with KD despite the media lambasting him for being petty and exceedingly resentful. He despises a man for joining the enemy and if that’s too trivial, then remove Benedict Arnold’s dick from your jaws and cry about it. Oh no. Russell Westbrook has officially turned me into the “HE PLAYS THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY!” guy. I told myself I’d never be that guy. Oh well, I also told myself I’d never masturbate at work. I mean. What.


Anyhoo, the Houston Rockets bench openly mocked Andre Roberson when he was at the free throw line in OKC’s Game 4 loss. Roberson is an atrocious free throw shooter (42%), and on Sunday he went an abysmal 2-12 from the stripe. The Rockets began to laugh at Roberson after every miss.

Westbrook’s response was spot on and true to form.

He said,

“I didn’t see it. I didn’t see it all. It’s probably the guys that don’t play — probably the ones over there laughing, if I had to guess.”

Moral of the story: Russell Westbrook is a man you want to be side-by-side with in the trenches.

But I could be bias because we’re friends.

[h/t For The Win]

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