Russell Wilson Was Being Cringey And Annoying During Broncos’ 8-Hour Flight To London

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Russell Wilson couldn’t help himself from being cringey on the team’s flight to London.

Wilson is currently working his way back into the lineup after suffering a hamstring injury a few weeks ago. The Broncos QB insists that he’s healthy and heals quickly because he has “wolverine blood.”

“I’m feeling better. I’m feeling better every day, day by day. Obviously, it happened Monday night, but the good thing is I heal quickly. I don’t know — wolverine blood or whatever,” the QB joked. “I’m getting better.”

To make sure he stayed warm on the team’s 8-hour flight to London, Wilson was doing workouts on the plane while his teammates were asleep.

Fans commented on how cringe Wilson’s latest act was.

“Why is every story about this guy like this? JJ Watt isn’t this cringe.”

“Russell Wilson is 100% that kid in gym class that tried wayyyyyy to hard in kickball while the rest of us were just there to hang out with friends and talk to girls”

“New leader in the clubhouse for most annoying person/activity on a plane.”

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