Russell Wilson Upgraded A Soldier’s Flight To First Class Today Just Because, Cue The “USA!” Chants

Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson might’ve provided a little karma for his organization ahead of Thursday night’s draft, if you believe in that stuff. Apparently, on a red-eye destined for Seattle overnight, the Super Bowl champion quarterback gave a U.S. serviceman a taste of the NFL life – when he upgraded him to first class, just because.

Presumably, they were both flying out of D.C., where Wilson had previously attended the White House’s state dinner with Ciara on his arm.

Soldier Kane Bernas obviously had to take to Twitter after stepping off the flight to share the good-willed news with his friends.


And of course, Wilson responded, because he’s just that good of a guy.


It’s great to see when NFL players do spectacular things of the field, too. Bravo on the friendly gesture, Russell, and thanks for your service, Kane – and all those who lay their lives on the line every day to protect our liberty.

Now cue the “U-S-A” chants!

h/t KPTV

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