Hundreds Of Skiers Put On Bikinis And Bathing Suits To Attempt World Record

by 2 years ago

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The Rosa Khutor ski resort in Sochi held their annual BoogleWoogel ski festival recently. They once again attempted to break a world record for the most people wearing bikinis and swim trunks while skiing, and this year’s footage is pretty spectacular (pics + video below).

I’m going to be honest, I’m having a bit of deja vu right now. I feel like I’ve written about this resort in Sochi, Russia attempting to break this world record every year for the past several years. And now I’m wondering why they don’t just go all out one year and set an unbreakable record, or if we’re constantly being duped into talking about this resort because they’re manipulating everyone into covering their record attempt.

Anyways, here’s footage of this record breaking bikini-swimsuit ski parade:

It does look like a fun day, I’ll admit that:

YouTube / RT

YouTube / RT

YouTube / RT

If you’re going to be forced to ski on a mountain with a shit ton of people it might as well look like you’re at the beach, right?


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