Russia Is Claiming That The U.S. ‘Rigged’ The Olympics After Losing Badly, Feeling Embarrassed

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  • Russia did not win the Tokyo Olympics and they are FURIOUS.
  • As a result of the loss, Russia is hilariously claiming that the United States colluded with other countries to rig the Games against them.
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The United States won both the Tokyo 2020 Olympics gold medal count and the overall medal count. That is a fact and there is no two ways about it.

Despite the definitive final numbers, Russia is claiming collusion. Russian officials are making preposterous claims that the United States and other high-powered countries rigged the Games against them.

The Chinese state media recently boosted its medal counts by including Taiwan and Hong Kong to declare victory, but Russia’s accusations of cheating take salty to a whole new level. It is especially hilarious coming from a country that was not allowed to compete under its own name because of its recent history of cheating.

Russia is salty and embarrased.

Due to a state-sanctioned doping scandal, Russia is banned from all international competition until 2022. The International Olympic Committee, however, decided that athletes deserved a chance to compete in the Games and allowed them to compete under the title ‘Russian Olympic Committee.’

The ROC finished with 20 gold medals, 28 silver and 23 bronze in Tokyo.

The medal count was good for third overall and fifth in gold medals. It marked the country’s lowest finish since the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm.

Because authoritarian countries cherish Olympic competition as a platform to inflame nationalism and promote their countries’ global standing, Russia officials are fuming at the result.

Some of the country’s top administrators are even going so far as to claim the Tokyo 2020 Games were rigged against Russia.

According to reports, Russia Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation president Irina Viner-Usmanova said that the “outcome was planned in advance.”

Lawmaker Aleksei Zhuravlyov stated that other countries in Tokyo were a “pack of Russophobic beasts, headed by the United States.”

State-owned television host Olga Skabeeva declared that the Tokyo Games were the “clearest example of total Russophobia.” She also said that global sports are being turned into a “cheap political farce.”

Deputy speaker of the Russian State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy went so far as to call Americans “moral freaks.” He also asked why Russia is “even discussing this parade of freaks and perverts.”

No matter how much they whine and complain, Russia got beat. Badly.

There was no cheating, there was no collusion, and there was no rigging. It’s a case of the (very salty) pot calling the kettle black, even though the kettle isn’t black.

Russia enraged by rare rhythmic silver.

Much of the the Russian anger is rooted in the rhythmic gymnastics individual all-around competition. Israel’s Linoy Ashram defeated Dina Averina to deny Russia a gold medal in the event for the first time since 1996.

The ROC protested the result because Ashram dropped the ribbon at the end of her routine. Ironically, Averina won gold at the 2018 World Championships after dropping her ribbon at the end of her routine.

Once again— pot, meet kettle.

Viner-Usmanova, Russia’s Rhythmic Gymnastics president, described the loss as “egregiously unjust.”

“Dina didn’t lose, she won,” Viner-Usmanova said, despite the fact that Dina lost. “It was simply a disgrace to rhythmic gymnastics. Enough, they got tired of Russia. And the judges decided to support this Israeli woman.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova even said that the judges committed “fraud in front of the whole world.”

No matter what Russia wants to say happened, the (banned) country lost in both rhythmic gymnastics, overall medal count and gold medal count. Whatever helps them sleep at night.

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