Russian Diplomat Uses Jiu-Jitsu To Kill Robber During Olympic Torch Relay, Because Rio Is Now An ’80s Action Movie

It’s hard to imagine a bigger shitshow than the reports back from the Rio Olympics. Blow my mind you heard nothing like this a few years ago when the World Cup was there. Hell, I was in Rio in 2006 while studying abroad and I had zero issues like what is going down there right now.

According to The Guardian via Brazil’s Globo newspaper, a Russian diplomat trained in Jiu-Jitsu (a Brazilian martial art — how apropos) shot and killed a robber who tried to rob his car while his wife and family was inside. Via The Guardian:


The incident occurred on the Avenida das Americas, the main thoroughfare between the Olympic Park and the city centre, at around midday on Thursday just after the torch relay had passed by the street on its way to the Olympic stadium.

According to the Globo newspaper, the vice counsul – named in reports as Marcos Cesar Feres Braga, a Brazilian lawyer who holds the vice-consul post at the Russian consulate – grappled with an assailant who tried to carjack his vehicle, believed to be a BMW X6.

One suspect broke the driver’s window with the gun and demanded the the consul’s watch. But the Russian, who is trained in jiu-jitsu, grabbed the attacker, hauled him into the car and the attacker was killed with his gun. The other motorcyclist fled.

The Rio Olympics are now an ’80s action movie. Eat your heart out, Chuck Norris.

[H/T: Deadspin]

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