Rutgers Fans Show Support For That Alumni Who Punched His Wife In The Face

Ray Rice Rutgers

Newark Star Ledger

This afternoon, Rutgers took on Penn State in New Brunswick, NJ.

Obviously, the entire Ray Rice story hung over the game and the stadium. It also hung over tailgate parties. More than a few fans showed support for the Rutgers alum and former (for now) NFL running back.

Countless tailgate parties and bros tossing footballs rocked Ray Rice’s old number. I’m get that. It’s alumni supporting alumni at a time when things aren’t looking so great. I get the Rutgers gear but the Ravens jersey seemed like it was in poor taste. It was probably a $1 on a sales rack at Modell’s.

It’s alumni and students saying “Hey, we all make mistakes, Ray Rice. Your mistakes was domestic abuse. Our mistake is hanging your jersey in support of that mistakes. Circle of life.”

Ray Rice Ravens

Newark Star Ledger

And in other Rutgers news, this guy.

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