This Is How Rutgers Fans Tried To Troll Penn State Fans Yesterday

I don’t have words for how incredibly fucked up the picture below is. Real classy move by these Rutgers fans tailgating in Piscataway, New Jersey yesterday for last night’s home game against Penn State. As was said on Twitter, a sign like this is mocking a child’s trauma. How does someone sleep with that on their conscious at night? Then again what do you expect from a fanbase who thinks supporting Ray Rice is cool?  Penn State isn’t perfect and the people that cry about the Paterno legacy look pretty foolish, but… Come on. Associating the entire school with the fucked up acts of a criminal monster like Sandusky? Literally everyone else has moved on from something so lame.

There’s a lot of chatter that Penn State-Rutgers is poised to be a “rivalry.” I think that’s bullshit for a couple of reasons: (1. Rutgers actually has to win some games against Penn State for that to even remotely be considered (2. the only people that get really excited about PSU-Rutgers are the kids from New Jersey who went to high school at both schools. You have to remember that very few people who grew up in Pennsylvania know anyone in New Brunswick.

Welcome to the B1G 10, Rutgers! Hopefully your fans class it up a little bit for your away game against Navy.

See, clever trolling like this, however, is pretty funny. Do more like this!


This? Not at all:

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